Fuse Cut Outs
These Electrical Bushings are mainly used in railways and metro lines for transmission and distributing of accurate voltage current for operations. They are long durable, high resistivity and have capability to withstand in adverse weather conditions.

Electrical Disconnector
Electrical Disconnectors are made from high grade steel and electroplated with ceramic paint. They provide resistance against high voltage and supply accurate voltage to the industries, factories and devices for smooth operations.
Transformer Bushing
We are manufacturing the efficient Transformer Bushing, which are used for lowering the heavy voltage in stabilizers, antennas, electrical poles and lines. They are cost-effective, durable and requires less maintenance and care.
Support Insulators
Support Insulators are made from high grade porcelains and available in different colors such as black, white, grey etc. They show high resistivity property against heavy rainfall and harsh climatic conditions.
Electrical Insulators
The electric insulators are offer in many different type of voltage and material that are excellent for lowering of high voltage current and discharging the low DC current to appliances, antennas, devices etc.
Fuse Cut Out Insulators
The available different ranges of Fuse Cut Out Insulators are made from high grade thermosetting plastic which provide high strength and show resistivity against heat and water. These are simple to install and require less maintenance and care.
Railway Insulators
These Railway Insulators are used for transmission and distribution of voltage in railway lines. And prevent the electrical damage and shocks in the electrical lines. They are made from porcelain material to provide high resistance against heavy voltage.

Insulating Base
These Insulating Base is used for discharging of the direct current in surge arrester to prevent electric damage and shock. It have modern, sturdy and have good shear and tear property. They are available in many different size at reasonable pricing.
Epoxy Insulator
Epoxy Insulator is modern, robust and sturdy in construction and design. It have perfect log spiral rod which helps in resisting the heavy voltage and supply low current to switchgear, transmission etc. In addition, provides efficient and effective working of the device, appliance and etc.
Switchgear Insulators
Switchgear Insulators are made from top grade porcelain materials and coated with ceramic paints. These insulators lower the high voltage current to low voltage and are easy to install and maintain.

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